$300 Giftcard from Freepay

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13-09-2006 11:14:46

Received my $300 giftcard from freepay today...was only processing since 7/12 (2 months isn't bad for freepay these days)

Everyone who did this site check your emails because mine still says processing although I received it.


13-09-2006 17:35:23

Freepay is [b73286962f4]alive![/b73286962f4] Congrats on the Giftcard.. hopefully that means they're picking things up over there.


13-09-2006 17:51:50

congrats getting anything from freepay


13-09-2006 18:17:54

when i did this back in feb. i think, i got my email within 5 days of requesting approval (got approved the same day i requested it, and got my "gift" a few days later)


13-09-2006 20:05:31

they received my letter for approval the week after they implemented the stupid mail in forms and promptly lost it. it's been almost a year since i started the site. (


14-09-2006 07:55:11

Congrat's, you are the first person to get something on here from freepay in awhile, must feel good.