Ipod from TFP

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12-09-2006 14:12:42

Finally! Got my Ipod today...1 month after I placed my order -/
I'll post pics later, it's a 30gb Video Black )


12-09-2006 14:21:39

yay, dont open it and exchange it for the new one!


12-09-2006 14:22:05

[quote6b1dc00f65="shortys408"]yay, dont open it and exchange it for the new one![/quote6b1dc00f65]

Yay! That's illegal!


12-09-2006 14:24:26

^ what? since when? lol

Just get store credit and use some money to buy one of those new ipods.

Btw, grats!


12-09-2006 14:26:07

Ahead of you guys -D
I just called the apple store near me, the guy said as long as it's sealed, I'll get a 250-300 dollar refund, depending on what the computer says, and he says they'll have 80gb videos this weekend, so I'm going in and paying the extra 80 or so dollars for an 80gb Video! Then I'm giving my mom my 30gb Video...


12-09-2006 15:13:38


Yay. Everything works out for you. Grats. D


12-09-2006 15:22:25

Hell Yea! I cannot wait to get my 80gbs!!!!!!


12-09-2006 15:39:20

[quote5d6fd221b9="TFOAF"][quote5d6fd221b9="shortys408"]yay, dont open it and exchange it for the new one![/quote5d6fd221b9]

Yay! That's illegal![/quote5d6fd221b9]

What the fuck?

(reminds self to not hire TFOAF for legal advice ever)


12-09-2006 15:55:57

rofl. I remember someone saying here that getting an item from a freebie site, and then returning it to the store for cash/replacement of some sort was illegal. I could be wrong though. lol


12-09-2006 16:15:58

LOL, it isn't illegal -- there are no laws against it. Now it may be against some store policies, I know many Apple stores won't take it without a receipt or a SN check to prove that it was purchased directly from Apple.


12-09-2006 19:22:53

My bad. I guess it was a retarded user last time who said it was illegal to do that. P


12-09-2006 20:25:29

nope, checked with the apple store near me, and talked to the manager who will be there on friday and saturday (in case they try and give me shit about this when I go) and I told him it was a gift..(happy birthday to me from TFP) and I didn't know where it was bought from, and he said as long as it's sealed in the plastic still, then he can take it back for a full 300 dollar refund (the SN let's them know the day it was bought, since it was before the price drop, I get a 300 dollar refund) then I can pay him 50 dollars to get an 80gb Video Ipod.....
Sick Huh?


13-09-2006 10:03:13

sweeet, I just returned my nano for 265$ on saterday.


16-09-2006 11:12:53

Yay! I have an 80gb black now, and with one of my old broken ipods traded in, it was 15 dollars, and I got a case with it for another 20. It's awesome )