Mucho props to Yourgiftsfree for $760 big ones

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04-09-2006 20:43:11

I turned in one of the biggest orders for a YGF site (laptops -> 21 green, turned to 19 thanks to a guy who scammed me and it wasnt YGF p)
So as expected I got my payout and verification real quick as advertised... $760!

Im happy to say that it helped fund a vegas trip that I had planned since starting the site (sad to say i lost well over a grand in vegas p)

Heres the paypal pick as I promised to put up. Thanks a ton.
fyi - trying to add my picture file - not sure what i did wrong yet - but ill add it when i can (


04-09-2006 21:24:21

YGF rapes all of the other freebies sites O

maybe I should rephrase that..



04-09-2006 21:26:10

Woo Go YGF, Awesome site. Great admin.


05-09-2006 04:01:59

Congrats buddy!