$1000 from ConsumerSavingCenter!!!!!

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28-08-2006 17:03:14


My largest freebie to date and after I gave up three times!!!

I had to go through extra, extra BS to get to this check so it's that much sweeter D ....Plus, nobody on here wanted to help me out so I had to take matters into my own hand and get even deeper into the shit, but Trish pulled through for me and I finally got my check...First, she wouldn't respond to a single e-mail, but I proved that persistence pays off damnit D ...

Monday's are always the best for freebies to come in and today is most definitely a good day liplays Ice Cube's song "Today was a Good Day"li

Now everybody give me congrats and karma so I can feel even better about today 8)

dance dance dance dance dance dance dance


28-08-2006 17:10:58



28-08-2006 18:07:27

kool stuff..... congrats


28-08-2006 18:12:04

please help me!


28-08-2006 18:24:32

[quote9b3571ec02="kdollar"]please help me![/quote9b3571ec02]
Pm'ing you now


28-08-2006 18:30:38

Congrats sucka!!


28-08-2006 19:05:35

congrats!!, i agree mondays are awesome i got 900 today!!


28-08-2006 19:22:36

[quote5c51933796="dudeextrem2000"]congrats!!, i agree mondays are awesome i got 900 today!![/quote5c51933796]

Yea, I think freebie companies send out stuff around Thursday or Friday mostly and then the mail will roll-over to Monday because they don't ship Saturdays, anyways, congrats to both of us, Having an extra $1000, this is freaking tight!!!