more free stuff from nuitech :)

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26-08-2006 17:45:38

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just felt like showing nuitech was still shipping gifts, it took about 3 weeks to recieve it, i did a offer and got credited instantly, mailed in my certs priority mail, 2 days later my status switched to fulfilment in progress, about 2 weeks later i recieved ) thanks nuitech!! also doesn anyone know any other nuitech sites? i feel like turning this into a 500 card or something , then go for the 2k 8)


26-08-2006 21:21:11


unknown uchiha

26-08-2006 21:50:28

RolltheStampede, is that link a Nuitech or YFDirect?


27-08-2006 00:47:11

[quote04fbbf9a81="unknown uchiha"]RolltheStampede, is that link a Nuitech or YFDirect?[/quote04fbbf9a81]
Its a Nuitech


27-08-2006 08:37:55


that looked good untill the last page.. x


27-08-2006 09:29:10

$100 for 3 offers.... neh


27-08-2006 09:49:35

nice!! Grats.