Freepay cheated me!! :P

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25-08-2006 16:58:48

As part of proof that Freepay is coming through for us, I have finally received my digital camera from them. I was suprised to see a receipt from the Bestbuy in the box. That means I was not part of any bulk order! It looks like they paid the full price of the camera including the shipping fee as if I had personally bought it myself. What does that say about Freepay? P


25-08-2006 17:01:47

That they do not want any more BBB complaints.


25-08-2006 17:03:06

Perhaps but I'm a user from Canada and never posted any BBB files.


25-08-2006 17:09:59

Oh I know, what I am saying is- that they are tired of getting complaints from customers as well as pressure from higher-ups. So they are trying to ship items out now-- though I still doubt everyone will receive their gift.