$100 from 100.free4every1

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25-08-2006 12:21:40

got paid $100 from 100.free4every1 - only 9 refs, not bad for a non-cc website. woot ]

http//i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Supreme_aStonisheD/free4every1_proof_.gif[" alt=""/img3d9ec110f6]

i recommend this site to everyone )


25-08-2006 12:22:15

grats! How much did you pay for each ref?


25-08-2006 12:26:12

i didnt pay like 7 of my 9 refs, they were my friends, they usually help me with non-cc sites for free D

so i paid 1 ref $2, and the last one $2.40 or something because of fees


25-08-2006 12:32:38

thats a pretty good deal!


25-08-2006 12:38:31

Wow very nice, low ref # to, Im going to do this ^^. Easy to get 9 random friends online to do it to.

unknown uchiha

26-08-2006 19:59:11

lol, and then they realize the number of offers you have to do to get a green (usually 2-8)...

I've been offering $6 for greens and offering to pay for people who did it partially, NOBODY WANTS TO DO IT for some reason =/


26-08-2006 20:35:10

Ya for some reason non-cc offers bug the shit out of me.

unknown uchiha

26-08-2006 22:07:37

Do the site under me! $6 for green, $3 for 1/2, $1.50 for 1/4!


=( It's IMPOSSIBLE to get referrals at this point. Your best bet is to spam like the Something Awful forums and risk getting banned or something.


27-08-2006 08:27:11

i do full credit offers only.. )

except on the xbox 360 site, but i dont think ill do that site.