19 Inch gaming LCD from LCDs.Yourgiftsfree

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11-08-2006 17:00:36

Chiggety Check Yo'Self!

And my Brand New 19inch Gaming LCD with a 2ms response time!!!
Getting my 360 VGA cables tonight so I can play in 720p...pretty sure that's what the setting would be

It's from LCDs.Yourgiftsfree...it was a custom order, I had 6 greens but he was nice enough to let the other 20-25 dollars or so slide Thanks YGF

But check it, here are some pics! (I'll add more later with my 360 games on the screen)

All the pics were taken from my 1.2 megapixel phone so...don't expect much

Here's before I opened the box...on my shiny countertop

http/" alt=""/img128.imageshack.us/img="128/3605/0811061907pk2.jpg[" alt=""/imga31faf4448]

Blurry shot on my desk

[img="a31faf4448]http/" alt=""/img136.imageshack.us/img="136/8546/0811061913xa0.jpg[" alt=""/imga31faf4448]

size comparison to an old 3g ipod I had lying around....

[img="a31faf4448]http/" alt=""/img114.imageshack.us/img="114/1347/0811061942uy0.jpg[" alt=""/imga31faf4448]

Elisha Cuthbert is delicious p

[img="a31faf4448]http/" alt=""/img86.imageshack.us/img="86/4743/0811061943em3.jpg[" alt=""/imga31faf4448]


11-08-2006 17:07:15

Grats! YGF Rocks, Bet they placed your order super fast to ;)


11-08-2006 17:08:56

[quotecc81d9bd6c]Elisha Cuthbert is delicious p[/quotecc81d9bd6c]

Yes she is. )


11-08-2006 20:52:09



12-08-2006 11:34:59

yea thanks, it's sick as hell...since it's got 2ms reponse time it's like playnig on a normal TV, but it's an LCD on my desk...I love it!