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07-08-2006 04:37:03

I'm finally getting a Playstation 2. D

My account was approved last night! I'm so excited.


07-08-2006 07:23:36

Just now?


Congrats! Is it a slim one or normal one?


07-08-2006 07:43:25

Normal ones are better. Much easier to mod D. Plus the thin ones can overheat faster.


07-08-2006 07:48:26

KT, Please can you please pm me about this modding and roms and emulators and stuff. It looks kinda interesting...


07-08-2006 08:17:57

It's a slim ps2 if i'm not mistaken...that's the only one games.123 offers.

They're really easy to run bootleg games, you gotta get these little metal clamp things for the disk drive, and you run this boot disk so it passes all the security checks, and then the little clamps give you like, 30 seconds to switch to a pirated disk


07-08-2006 08:27:28

Welcome to 2001 P

Jk, congrats.


07-08-2006 17:46:23

Gahahah. Awesome. Now let me ask this. How do I obtain, or let me re-word this. How can I copy my friend's games, etc.?


07-08-2006 20:15:20

check it

buy this from here

then make ISO images of your friends games...burn them to DVDs and swap em with that thing installed


07-08-2006 20:18:41

What do you mean swap them?


07-08-2006 20:25:38

that thing I linked you with, has a special drive and these things called boot disks....
the special drive you can open without the PS2 realizing it's been opened and the boot disks enable the ps2 to think that the disk it's reading passes all the security checks...ya dig?
So you boot up the ps2 with the boot disks inside, and once it gets past the security check, you open the drive and put your burnt game in...


07-08-2006 20:28:30

Ah. But I have to have the orignal disc? And how would I go about copying the game?


07-08-2006 21:07:21

well to get the games...

eihter make your own ISO of one you borrow or rent using any typical ISO Maker and burn it to Dvd-R or +r

or download some ISOs from the interweb (check out torrents...there are a lot more iso on torrents than p2ps)


09-08-2006 04:30:55

So the Playstation 2 games are just DVDs? D