Ds Lite from Games.123stuff4free!

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03-08-2006 11:27:25

http/" alt=""/img426.imageshack.us/img="426/7444/dslite2mt2.jpg[" alt=""/imgf0193c32fc]
Haha, he didn't even know it had shipped and I recieved it! Thanks 123!!!!


03-08-2006 11:40:55

I am jealous. How many refs?


03-08-2006 11:49:24

4...like most sites

I joined the site a while ago by a friend of mine who was, Just Blazin so to speak;), who asked me to do it, and I did it for him, then one Night I got bored...so I started asking my friends to do it for me, then once I got 4, 2 of them went red, one because of IP conflict (The AOL thingy) and another for using false info, the AOL one was able to get off hold, as was the other one, but he decided he'd rather curse me out and block me on AIM...so I needed one more, then on friday I got my last green, instant! It was verified within 20 minutes, and got it today, not too bad 8)


03-08-2006 11:50:24

Congrats on that nan.

Enjoy your gift


03-08-2006 11:51:42

DS Lites are awesome. I'm glad I have a DS Lite instead of one of the ugly originals.

Congrats. )


03-08-2006 11:51:52

Next week I should be getting my 19 inch gaming LCD 2ms response time! From lcds.yourgiftsfree!
Can't wait to make another thread for that!


03-08-2006 11:56:37

Grats! I should recieve one next week!


03-08-2006 12:43:55

Grats I want one to >.> My phat ones ... Well fat.