iPod Nano from 123StuffForFree Received!

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02-08-2006 14:55:17

Thanks 123! Their support is awesome. It was a good easy free site experience. )

http/" alt=""/img50.imageshack.us/img="50/2103/nanoox2.jpg[" alt=""/img4b003e73d1]


02-08-2006 17:01:36

Ooooh, sexy countert )


02-08-2006 17:07:14

that was pretty fast josh, congrats


02-08-2006 18:25:45

[quote8a126e18e5="justinag06"]that was pretty fast josh, congrats[/quote8a126e18e5]

It was actually pretty slow. Not them, but me. oops

I got 4 greens within the first 2 days and I tried to get a friend to do an offer for me while I was gone for two weeks but he didn't so when I came back I did a trade on here and got my last green.

And after that Amazon.com lost their order so I waited like 5 more days and then I had to wait even longer on top of that for it to get here after they found the order.

So yeah, pretty slow, but not 123's fault. They had awesome customer service and they kept me up to date on everything.


02-08-2006 19:28:57

my 30gb black ipod was shipped from amazon last thursday. i have not received it yet.


03-08-2006 11:49:11

[quotefca927d057="Averagejoe1039"]Ooooh, sexy countert )[/quotefca927d057]

You like teh secksy granite counter? P