Freepay PSP Recevied? No way...

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02-08-2006 12:00:50

I'm not at home right now but I got a call and apparently Freepay delivered my PSP.. I'm still in shock. I'm not sure if it's a Value Pack or anything like that but I guess I'll know when I get home in a week or two. I wish I had a timeline to post but I was so frustrated with counting days in the past that I just stop counting period. In all, it took about 3 and a half months from the time I submitted my approval form until I received it. Now that's service - go Freepay.


02-08-2006 12:06:47

At least it showed up. Congrats. I think Freepay is still shipping stuff out but they take forever and wait for the queue to fill up before they ship.

Hopefully my 19" Samsung LCD will come soon because I'm SO SICK of this CRT monitor. cry


02-08-2006 12:08:56

cmmoooonnnn digitalcameras. I've waited 3 months and change for that site. Congrats!


02-08-2006 13:34:22

I've been processing on gamingsystems since June 27. Looks like I'm in for a wait. I thought this was a Freepay site, not YFD.