PSP Received, Freepay Delivers. People in Hell need coats

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Captain All That

02-08-2006 11:34:35

My wife called and informed me my PSP was delivered today...


Started 4/11/05
Completed 3/26/2006
Mailed Form 1 3/29/2006
Filed BBB Complaint 7/06/2006
Processing & Approved 7/11/2006
Ordered 7/12/2006
Received 8/2/2006

From what my wife described it was a brand new Sony PSP Value Pack. After this experience I'm not sure if I'll ever do another referral site again... I should be over joyed... but I'm just angry it took so long. It was not handled properly. Thank you Freepay and Thank you Conga Blast for helping me get my poop.


02-08-2006 11:35:59

congrats, and you can say finally ]

just to let you know alot of other sites ship alot faster than freepay, lol.


02-08-2006 11:45:17

seems like everyone has to file a BBB complaint to get their gifts... congrats though.. getting something from freepay has become as rare as something from OC


02-08-2006 11:47:16

the subject says it all

i think i speak for a lot of people


02-08-2006 13:39:53

congrats, captain. Did they update your account or does it still show STV or Processing?