$1,300 received from I-deal! plus plasma plus ipod!

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31-07-2006 18:48:39

I received my $1,300 check for getyourfreerewards laptop site 6+1

my panasonic plasma tv is also schedule to be delivered from
redtopsavings (6+1) this Wednesday.

Tomorrow or Wednesday I should be getting my 30GB Black Ipod from 123stuffforfree

I'm having a great week lol woohoooooooooooooooooooooo!


31-07-2006 18:49:41

Awesome! )


31-07-2006 18:56:23



31-07-2006 18:57:42

When did your certs get proccessed? Im waiting for my check to! Thought it was 1400, but oh well D


31-07-2006 20:11:15

thanks everyone!

my certificates for the check was processed on June 26. i was lucky enough for me and my ref to go approved in 7 days.


31-07-2006 21:15:52

Congrats, if only we could predict which sites would be check versus gift...


31-07-2006 22:13:12

[quotef48f332dab="doylnea"]Congrats, if only we could predict which sites would be check versus gift...[/quotef48f332dab]

eaiser to predict whos going to get what...... in my case....

if i did lawngear - i wouldnt get a check id get a shovel.

if i did hdtv plasma- i wouldnt get a check but an edtv plasma worth half price

if i did a laptop- i wouldnt get a macbook but a poorbook.


02-08-2006 19:27:11

plasma received today!


03-08-2006 11:29:13

congrats man!
I thought it said Plus Plasma [bd64a5b2623]Plush[/bd64a5b2623] Ipod...and I was like, wtf?