Macbook Pro 1.83 Ghz from Nuitech!

Live forum:


31-07-2006 15:31:05

...Drats, its a 1.83 ghz model. Oh well. Any macbook is better than none. Here are some pictures.

[imgb629ceb59a]http/" alt=""/"335/4" alt=""/[/imgb629ceb59a][=http//img="][imgb629ceb59a]http/" alt=""/"335/4" alt=""/[/imgb629ceb59a]

[imgb629ceb59a]http/" alt=""/"264/3396" alt=""/[/imgb629ceb59a][=http//img="][imgb629ceb59a]http/" alt=""/"264/3396" alt=""/[/imgb629ceb59a]

I'm working on Finance-Offer now, so hopefully that goes as smoothly as this site did.


31-07-2006 15:39:15

Wow I think Im going to start a Nuitech site, everyone seems to be doing great with them. Btw, Can you pm me the offers you did? Curious =). Also HOw long from sending certs to arriving?


31-07-2006 15:55:23

wow cool did you do it for 18 offers