Prizebook is the answer to a broken freebie scene!

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30-07-2006 11:13:42

This has to be the first time I have ever sent a support ticket congradulating a site on being great. Here's my customer support ticket.

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Notice how all my tickets were answered swiftly? Nice huh? Here are the 2 proof pics of my payments that I received swiftly.

[img="1fbfd7ca7d]http/" alt=""/"215/7813/proof1be7.jpg[" alt=""/img1fbfd7ca7d]

[img="1fbfd7ca7d]http/" alt=""/"211/6883/proof2jf3.jpg[" alt=""/img1fbfd7ca7d]

I want to thank prizebook for being so hard working. It's rare to find that in the freebie scene. I know most of you see me as a unnapreciative person and impatient but I'm hoping that this site has showed you that I just have high standards. D


30-07-2006 12:14:21

Congratulations! I love Prizebook too. They do have great customer support (and although he doesnt work for them JJJ is also wonderful at helping answer questions in their forums) P I can't wait to earn my prize, I have about $117 banked so far.