- Received HD-555 Headphones! (Custom)

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26-07-2006 13:18:03

The owner of this network is an absolute pleasure to talk to and he managed to set me up with a custom order for a pair of HD-555 headphones that I wanted from Amazon for a long time. The crediting and approval process was flawless and anytime that I had any questions or concerns he was quick to respond on AIM. The support that his network offers is one of the best that I've had the pleasure of dealing with thus far and I hope to continue their other sites in the near future. Without further delay below is a few pictures

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I highly suggest taking a look into the network, and give it a shot. The referral requirements are lower than other sites I believe because it's half credit offers for most if not all of them. If you're looking for superior support and an overall smooth experience; give them a shot at!


26-07-2006 13:32:53

How many refs?


26-07-2006 17:37:05

This specific item was 2 referrals.


26-07-2006 18:29:27

were those pictures taken with the cingular 8125 phone by any chance


27-07-2006 12:15:12

Those pictures were taken in bad lighting conditions with my Sony Ericsson w810i walkman phone. It has a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera and can take some quality pictures. They look awesome outdoors in the sunlight.


28-07-2006 18:06:44

Wow, that site has awesome referal requirements. What are the offers?


29-07-2006 00:05:52

It's generally two offer completions per referral, that's why the requirements are lower than other sites.