Nuitech keeping my house clean with my new Dyson!!

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25-07-2006 15:35:42

On my door step at home waiting for me is a brand new, canary yellow cleaning machine that never looses suction!! My wife is really excited about this freebie. Every now and then you gotta go for something practical. Thanks Nuitech. Pictures tomorrow, I get home too late tonight!


25-07-2006 17:44:06

Very nice, I know my wife would enjoy one, i remember i got her a nice purse from freepay handbags awhile back


26-07-2006 18:14:13

And here she is in all her glory. If you don't have one of these babies you need to get one. It is scary to see what your old $80 vacuum was leaving behind shock

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26-07-2006 18:20:59

I've used mine quite a bit. So much better than the old vacuum. Great for people with pets.


26-07-2006 18:22:26

heck yeah, never thought an expensive vacuum really made a difference, boy was I wrong. So easy to use and that 17' hose is awesome too. Anyway.


26-07-2006 18:39:25

shock I might have to try one of these.


28-07-2006 17:40:51

What site is this?


26-08-2006 21:08:12

[quote4f4042ab7b="Insanekitten"]What site is this?[/quote4f4042ab7b]

also would like to know ) since nothing is showing up on google


26-08-2006 22:05:13

hah... despite your new spiffy vacuum, the ground looks kinda messy )



27-08-2006 12:45:58

if you had two little ones running around your floor would be messy too!)


27-08-2006 12:46:39

if you search through the forum you would be able to find the site... i'm not sure what it is off hand