Prizes from YourGiftsFree, TRAINN, and 123stuffforfree!

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24-07-2006 23:21:56

I originally didn't want to post in the brag thread until I got my second 123stuffforfree and YourGiftsFree rewards, but I got lagged because of slow traders(not talking about anyone I traded with yesterday wink )

$200 from LCDs.YourGiftsFree (7/24)

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$250 from TRAINN Flashipods4free (7/19)

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30gb black video iPod from 123stuffforfree (7/12)

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Follow-up for the YourGiftsFree gift

What can I say? I got 3 of my 5 greens from an event and YourGiftsFree didn't even try to cheat me out of it. Great site, great owner, no hassle. I should be finishing the Giftcards site soon too!


25-07-2006 07:25:20

Congrats, yeah I've had great success with the Yourgiftsfree sites, I've done the main one,,, --- on all I did the $200 Paypal - 5 Referrals (Or custom order if not there) Quick Payments on most every occasion. The Admin is Great, always willing to answer your questions/comments.

Currently doing the for 5 referrals as well )


25-07-2006 23:01:19

Yeah, YourGiftsFree is great. I have 10/10 on giftcards and I'm waiting on approval right now for a $390 giftcard.

I have 8/8 on TRAINN ps3(waiting for approval)

I also just got approved for $250 on radio.123stuffforfree.

I've done just enough 123stuffforfree sites to stay under the W-9 limit. I'll probably go do their sites next year, but now I'm probably going to finish off the other YourGiftsFree sites.


26-07-2006 07:51:34

Thanks for the great words!


26-07-2006 09:22:29

Yea, Yourgiftsfree is a great site. 3 days from approval submission to payment


27-07-2006 08:41:51

I've seen several statements about the W-9 tax form. What is the limit before submitting this form?