BOSE SPEAKERS - $3 & 400 CD changer - $15 (sony)

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21-07-2006 19:40:52

I went to some yard sales today and I got 2 BOSE 201 series 2 speakers for $3 and they even came with a pair of KLM speakers that sound great. I think the bose speakers are 175 watt each.

Then I went to the next yard sale and picked up a SONY 400 CD changer for $15.

At both of the sales, the moms said that they were their sons (whos sons were obviously not present) and I dont think they had any idea of what they had.

Good deals, just thought i would share. D


21-07-2006 21:07:13

Lucky bastard.


22-07-2006 12:22:08

The Bose are all right, i have a pair from a friend.


22-07-2006 16:29:55

Hahaha, I love it when that happens.
I got this computer case with PSU, CPU, Mobo, DVD-Rom, and floppy once for $40.

The case is pretty sweet but I gutted the mobo and cpu and put better stuff in.


26-07-2006 20:51:40

Wow, sick deals XD!


26-07-2006 21:00:23

Wow you are lucky. Some people are just too dumb to use ebay or craigslist I guess.


27-07-2006 08:36:38

Lucky bum. I have Bose as well. They rock.

Question for you Psyc. I like your signature and all. How do you do that with the refs you are trying to complete. That is pretty neat. Thanks.


27-07-2006 09:10:23

TSIF actually gives you a link to put in your sig. It's a php script that changes the image when there are changes.