$350 from evenmore4free

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=43142


18-07-2006 17:09:55

title says it all

...except BOOYA


18-07-2006 18:06:31

awesome, I really liked this network.

I got a gameboy micro from them just for completing my offer, + $40 from the trade to do the offer. On top of that I won $120 at the casino I did, and ended up with 8 refs or so. I think I cashed out $560 or so from them, paying $40 per ref.


21-07-2006 12:43:21

I got $70 per ref (I had 5)

I also got an iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano just for doing 1 offer each on the site, plus got a free referral for doing the 2 extra for the ipods


21-07-2006 19:47:53

congrats, great site, more people should check it out


22-07-2006 18:06:31

thanks for sharing


23-07-2006 20:46:02

Didn't you start this site when i did? That was almost a year ago. I think you might have even been my ref.

But congrats. Good to see this site is still paying out.