$120 buy.com GC from freecomputeraddons!

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17-07-2006 13:05:23

I just received my $120 buy.com custom order from freecomputeraddons.com

Instant approval through AIM and the GC was ordered the same day I was approved. Only took 2 referrals since you can have 3 accounts regardless of completions on the site. Also all offers credit within 24 hours, if not just request manual credit.

Buying a new keyboard for 60, but im not sure what to spend the rest on. any suggestions?


17-07-2006 13:05:59

Whats their AIM support?


17-07-2006 13:10:13


I just talked to him and he instantly approved me, even ordered it the same day.


18-07-2006 20:59:01

OOOO buy.com shipped it overnight for me!

[img25145315a6]http/" alt=""/img224.imageshack.us/img="224/1461/logitechkeyboardxx2.th.jpg[" alt=""/img25145315a6][=http//img="224.imageshack.us/my.php?image=logitechkeyboardxx2.jpg][img25145315a6]http/" alt=""/img224.imageshack.us/img="224/1461/logitechkeyboardxx2.th.jpg[" alt=""/img25145315a6]