120 Bucks Cash!

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15-07-2006 12:20:12

http/" alt=""/img383.imageshack.us/img="383/4575/moneyww2.png[" alt=""/imge173eb37dc]
Got my money from yourgiftsfree a while ago, took about 3 days from site start to payment. I love this network!


15-07-2006 19:03:18

Howd you get the money?


15-07-2006 20:21:54

Custom Order.


15-07-2006 21:41:22

They sent you CASH? The mail man could have easilly pocketed that and no one would have known. Its not trackable. >.> They'd be dumb to send cash. or you could of withdrawn it from an atm with your paypal card XD


16-07-2006 20:05:57

We sent PayPal, but the picture looks cool D