$430 from YourGiftsFree

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15-07-2006 01:09:23

I got paid from www.Laptops.YourGiftsFree.com[]www.Laptops.YourGiftsFree.com tonight. D

Great network and very highly recommended. Probably my favourite network at the moment. D

Approved and processing within 1 day, 4 days later I have the cash. !

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15-07-2006 01:37:35

Nice, that means I should be getting a payment soon too D

Do you know if YourGiftsFree does the whole w-9 thing? I should be asking the owner, but I've asked him too many things recently.


15-07-2006 01:42:16

Yeah they do (as should all sites).


15-07-2006 01:45:09

Combined $600 value like 123stuffforfree, or individually like Freepay?


15-07-2006 02:04:56

Any company who sends you $600 or more worth of gifts within a tax year should require you to fill out and send them a W-9.

If they don't, then that's their problem.


15-07-2006 04:21:34

How many referalls did this take?


15-07-2006 06:33:30

11 referrals.

We only require a W9 if you recieve 600+ on one site. So you can get like 300 on each site and you wont need to fill out a W9.


15-07-2006 07:37:08

Wow, congrats, that was fast!!

Took me 3 weeks to get mines shipped, still waiting for GC to come in the mail (


15-07-2006 07:55:53

Hey, sorry simon is a bit slow. It should be there any day now.


15-07-2006 11:40:47

[quoteb0f9fbb08c="Labtec-Jay"]How many referalls did this take?[/quoteb0f9fbb08c]

Yeah as YGF said above, it took me 11 refs. Crediting was pretty good but I wasn't really paying attention since I was actually going for one of the Laptops and knew I was nowhere near it yet but I then realised I wouldn't be able to get anymore greens so I sent for approval. D