Logitech QuickCam Fusion from DontCostAnything.com :)

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11-07-2006 14:35:00

This was a custom order from DontCostAnything.com. This site has definite potential to be one of the top sites. I received this product a couple weeks ago but didn't get around to setting everything up for my digital camera until now.


6/27- Completed My Offer
6/28- Offer greened -- order sent out via overnight shipping
6/29- Received!

I love this digital camera.. top notch from what I can tell. Has tons of features and very good quality.


http/" alt=""/img77.imageshack.us/img="77/213/p10101606wn.jpg[" alt=""/img4ecc6df430]


11-07-2006 14:54:21

wow that's really fast! congrats!