Dell 42" plasma! w00ts

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03-07-2006 14:47:15

Yup i finally got my plasma today in the afternoon!!'
Timeline is like...

Started on feb-27
Completed and mailed confirmation on march 25
Approved on May 12
Received Today!!

After Gigante received a $100 check i pretty much lost all hope that this site will honor the agreement. But not recently Willie or w/e his name was finally got through to them and they were shipping his plasma!
i was estaticed because it gave me hope that i will also have a chance!
Then suddenly a call from Dell to confirm the Plasma order!! i wa sin total SHOCK and over joyed!

Anyways its a Dell 42" plasma HDTV W4201C

Here are some crappy pictures from my camera phone..
I have not decided where it is gonna be placed, so i'm leaving it in the box for now, until my 360 comes, Then it will go in my room!

[img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"100/5706/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6][=http//img="][img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"100/5706/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6]
[img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/194/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6][=http//img="][img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/194/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6]
[img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/1895/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6][=http//img="][img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/1895/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6]
[img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/9080/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6][=http//img="][img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/9080/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6]
[img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/8384/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6][=http//img="][img115e74b3d6]http/" alt=""/"101/8384/[" alt=""/img115e74b3d6]

So with this i'm over 5k in freebie and i have another 5k pending/in progress ^____^

so, i hope i'll join the 10k freebie club by the end of summer..


03-07-2006 16:07:11

Wow. Congrats!


03-07-2006 16:16:34

That's one of the best looking TV's I've ever seen on a DIY. I wish I could have gotten in on that instead of the DIY I did a while back. Congratulations! )