Won At Casino Classic

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29-06-2006 16:18:10

Got paid $85 for a $50 deposit, so I was already looking at a $35 profit. I played mostly blackjack and ended up winning $150 at the casino.

So, I put in $50 and bring back $235. Not bad for a night of blackjack. I would recommend the casino to anyone. It's a guaranteed $35 profit, plus winnings.

One suggestion I might have is to stick with your bets. The casino is pretty streaky, but after wagering over $2000 in mostly $1-$2 bets, I realized that it almost ALWAYS bounces back after a streak of bad luck...

Not to just throw out a plug, but I might as well thank FON for a speedy payment. I've never had a problem with CCU[=http//www.casinocashunlimited.net]CCU and think this is one of his best unique offers that not everyone has done.

Now we just need to get him to stop posting nudes of himself...


29-06-2006 16:58:35

$35 guranteed profit? sounds sexy........
/me will be signing up tomorrow D


29-06-2006 23:16:49

im signing up. give me the link


30-06-2006 00:26:17

dont leave me in the cold!


30-06-2006 03:40:12


It's on the 5th page, top left.

Casino Classic.