Plasma from REDTOPSAVINGS receiveD!!!

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22-06-2006 14:09:06

Just got my 42 inch plasma from redtopsavings!!! No call or anything, they just showed up. Stiill trying to figur out how to get ps2 to work on it, and do i need a cable box to watch cable ? I dont see the spot to screw it in!! Pics later!!!


22-06-2006 14:15:30

omg why is everyone getting plasmas all of a sudden. pics!!!!


22-06-2006 14:17:09

[quote52e1934ca2="shortys408"]omg why is everyone getting plasmas all of a sudden. pics!!!![/quote52e1934ca2]

Yeah I was just about to say that. Congrats to mikeman btw.


22-06-2006 14:17:31

Do these tv's have an audio out port? I'm trying to figure out how to set up my stuff.


22-06-2006 14:26:04

Get a stand or a mount for it?

I opted for the stand which will be here next week as i dont want cables hanging from my wall


22-06-2006 14:31:21

no speakers or stand, and i cannot figure out how to use this tv ( I cant get my ps2 to work and i dont have a cable box


22-06-2006 14:35:25

Without a cable box, you won't be able to display cable on this monitor, in my understanding, unless you buy a TV receiver or use a Tivo.


22-06-2006 14:36:17

plug your ps2 video output into a video input. You may need to use a component or a composite input depending on your ps2 output. Then select the video input number on the plasma. It should work right away.


22-06-2006 14:41:45

do i need special fitting for the video input? in the manual it looks like i do?


22-06-2006 14:44:18

Congrats mikeman, I just got my tv from e-researchgroup today too. )


22-06-2006 14:45:44



22-06-2006 14:47:57

i think you need BCN adapters to plug componant into this tv.

My stand doesnt come till next week. Do you have this thing just propted up somewhere?

I might do that tonight


22-06-2006 14:55:00

I have media center, and I want to increase the resolution on the tv for it. Upping the nvidia tv res does nothing. Is there some kind of setting on the tv I can do? I am using s-video.


22-06-2006 15:08:01

um you cant increase the tv resolution. No matter what your setting is, it will be downconverted to the tvs native res


22-06-2006 15:17:06

mines on the floor right now, i plugged it in as my monitor, but the picure wasnt that great...i messed around with the settings, it got better but certainly not what i expected.


22-06-2006 18:38:40

This is a monitor, not a TV, and does not have a built in tuner. You'll have to connect an HD, cable, or satellite box to watch TV.

It has composite, SVideo, and component inputs, however the componet and composite connectors are BNC rather than RCA. Therefore you'll need adapters, which you can get (at the ridiculous price of $5 each) from your local Radio Shack,[=http//]Radio Shack, or from[=http//] for about $1.30 each if you don't mind waiting a week.

For audio, it does have RCA inputs, but since it doesn't have speakers that isn't really useful (it's for the optional speakers from Panasonic that cost a fortune). What you would normally do with a plasma is connect it to a home theater receiver and speakers, which would supply the audio.


22-06-2006 19:59:04

how are those adapters in quality?


22-06-2006 20:06:15

[quoted056b1d083="ffactoryxx"]how are those adapters in quality?[/quoted056b1d083]
They're fine. This is only an EDTV display so you're not going to be pushing much bandwidth anyway. Even at 1080i bandwidth I doubt you'd see a decline in quality. But if you buy into the gold hype and it makes you feel better, RS sells gold plated versions for $5.29 each. ;)