30gb video ipod from Tranin shipped

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22-06-2006 06:38:13

I just got my tracking number for my 30gb black video ipod from
Yourfrevideo ipods.com This is definetly MY LAST REF SITE EVER
Overall the experience was good. For the first time ever I actually
had my real friends as the majority of my refferals and i traded for
the other 2 refs. Bringing the total cost of my ipod to under 10 bucks D
I was pissed at the 7 business day approval times but at least it better than freepay's time right now... I sold the last 30gb ipod i got but I will definetly be keeping this one D

Now to find me a case....... )


22-06-2006 11:58:39

Congrats on that Junior. D

I thought I was done with my last ref site too a while back but now I find myself doing another one. ?


23-06-2006 16:59:45

its here. Still in its UPS box. I'll open it tomorrow wen i get back from worky P


23-06-2006 17:07:48

Agent18.com Highyl recommended case.


23-06-2006 23:25:48

contour isee is wayyy better than agent18, looks better, no frosty look, covers almost everything etc.

btw, i got my 30gb video from flashipods4free.com, second freebie done!


24-06-2006 17:17:23

thanks D I went with the iSee case. (my 1st choice, the XtremeMac invisible shield," wasn't in stock) YFVI will definetly be my last ref site
The only reason i even did it in the first place was because i couldnt get a good diy deal for an ipod anywhere. Nuitech requires 6 offers for it.
I could get a $500 GC for 6 offers and buy it but then id still be BUYING it
(The life of a freebie elite aint easy P)