42" Panasonic Plasma Received from RedTopSavings (i-dea

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20-06-2006 12:13:50

A delivery company (Pitt Ohio) dropped off a Panasonic 42" plasma TV today from RedTopSavings. This is the same model that everyone else is getting from various i-deal sites.

Began site April 18, 2006
All requirements complete May 15, 2006
Received and mailed voucher May 16, 2006
USPS Receipt of Delivery May 18, 2006
Approved May 22, 2006
Received TV June 20, 2006

2 months and 2 days. Total investment including my referral and I was around $125. I'm probably going to get around $1500 for the set.

Return on investment
= (Return - Investment) / Investment
= (1500 - 125) / 125
= 1100% over 2 months

APR for the investment is
= 1100% x 6
= 6600%

The return was not as good as the 6-offer plasma/$1000 check from MSG/IOG. However, it would have been better if my referral got in at the 6-offer/1-referral rate instead of the 10-offer/2-referral rate.

Here's a picture just for fun
http/" alt=""/img299.imageshack.us/img="299/8238/42incher2tn.jpg[" alt=""/img686aed046a]


20-06-2006 12:18:26

Awesome! Hope it sells for a lot!


20-06-2006 12:23:42

Did you ever get a phone call about delivery?


20-06-2006 12:24:07

nice hopefully it will be the same for getmyfreeplasmatv.com


20-06-2006 12:43:21

[quote71accd1e5a="doylnea"]Did you ever get a phone call about delivery?[/quote71accd1e5a]
No phone call at all; luckily someone was home.


20-06-2006 13:33:54

Wow, you got through that fast. It took roughly 5 weeks from being approved for it to be at your doorstep?


20-06-2006 13:49:59

[quotec21c61d5c1="JKirk"]Wow, you got through that fast. It took roughly 5 weeks from being approved for it to be at your doorstep?[/quotec21c61d5c1]
That's how long it took me to get my CSC plasma.

paullywally says he got his YourCoolFreeStuff plasma today after only [bc21c61d5c1]2 weeks[/bc21c61d5c1] being approved!