Last 4 Casino Withdrawals: $200, $130, $650.50, $1,008.50

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19-06-2006 23:19:07

I went on a bit of a 7 day gambling spree, and the following is what I came out with

[ia0c7e19fcf]For your viewing pleasure, I've included the casinos' CasinoCashUnlimited payouts (if applicable). Additionally, all bonuses are CASHABLE.[/ia0c7e19fcf]

CasinoDepositBonusWRWithdrawalCCU Payout
Starluck Casino$50.00100%8X(D+B)$200.00$50.00
Planetluck Casino$100.00100%8X(D+B)$130.00$50.00
Bet365 Casino$200.00100%10X(D+B)$650.05N/A (Coming Soon!)
Monaco Gold Casino$300.00200%12X(D+B)$1,008.50N/A (Coming Soon!)

[ba0c7e19fcf]PROFIT[/ba0c7e19fcf] $1,489.00

Note that WR means Wagering Requirement (the amount that you are required to wager prior to requesting a withdrawal), and that Monaco Gold does not allow BJ (BlackJack) to be played to complete the wagering requirements.

Anyway, I'm stoked! <insert CCU plug here>


19-06-2006 23:22:45

Congrats. Too bad I'm a noobie when it coems to gambling.


19-06-2006 23:35:15

Wow, Congrat's. Being able to cashout the bonuses are a huge plus with those casino's.


20-06-2006 00:11:08

Are all of those deposits the minimum amount required for each one?

Congrats though, what forms of payment can you use to cashout to (on the Casino's, not CCU)?


20-06-2006 00:13:33

wow, no blackjack. that blows. what did u play?


20-06-2006 05:17:50

Too bad that casino I imed you about the other day was a pos and couldn't connect to neteller.


20-06-2006 08:07:31

[quote43d6eb168b="theysayjump"]Are all of those deposits the minimum amount required for each one?[/quote43d6eb168b]

I assume you're inquiring about the minimum deposit required for credit on CasinoCashUnlimited? If so, the minimum deposits are as follows

Starluck Casino - $50
Planetluck Casino - $50

I'm currently in the process of working with Bet365 Casino (A.K.A. Casino 365), so I'm unsure of what the minimum deposit would be. Also, I've offered Monaco Gold Casino in the past...but members didn't show much interest (

[quote43d6eb168b="theysayjump"]Congrats though, what forms of payment can you use to cashout to (on the Casino's, not CCU)?[/quote43d6eb168b]

Starluck Casino and Planetluck Casino are iGlobalMedia software, which utlizes the ezEcash Cashier System. You can deposit via (and there for cash out via) Credit Card, eChecks by iGM-Pay, Neteller, FirePay, Citadel, Wire Transfers and 900Pay. It should be noted that most credit cards will decline online gaming transactions. Bet365 Casino and Monaco Gold Casino are Playtech software, which offers pretty much the same (and probably a few more) deposit/cashout options.

[quote43d6eb168b="jy3"]wow, no blackjack. that blows. what did u play?[/quote43d6eb168b]

I played through about half of the WR playing Jacks or Better Video Poker, then the other half in Casino War. House advantage is pretty favorable on both games, and EVERYONE should know how to play War )