FreeGasOnUs $50 Visa finally arrived.

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16-06-2006 12:51:06

I finally got my FreeGasOnUs Visa GC...

$50. Will be spending it on something dumb more than likley...or possible gonna start saving ALL money and items recieved from freebies until I have like a pile of it.

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Sorry, timeline below.

[i742bdeb774]Signed up[/i742bdeb774] May 29, 2006
[i742bdeb774]Did offer[/i742bdeb774] May 29, 2006(Trim Life)
[i742bdeb774]Offer credited[/i742bdeb774] May 29, 2006

[i742bdeb774]Voucher Mailed[/i742bdeb774] May 30, 2006
[i742bdeb774]Voucher Recieved[/i742bdeb774] June 01, 2006

[i742bdeb774]Gift Sent[/i742bdeb774] June 06, 2006
[i742bdeb774]Gift Recieved[/i742bdeb774] June 16, 2006

[i742bdeb774]Total Time[/i742bdeb774] <19 days from sign-up to gift recieved!!!


16-06-2006 12:53:44

what was ur timeline like?


16-06-2006 13:21:34



16-06-2006 15:25:40

congrats! Nuitech received my voucher today and already went into fulfulment ...i'll probally have mine in a week or two!


16-06-2006 16:14:32

Yeah, shouldn't be long. They sent me an email saying my gift was shipped and should be here around 2-3weeks...10 days isn't 2 weeks!


16-06-2006 21:42:50

Awesome, I just sent in my voucher yesterday, hope to see it within a couple of weeks.