Live forum:


12-06-2006 15:00:38

Things went alittle wild.. as may some of you know..

But this is one of the best networks I've dealt with..

Receievd my 360 today..

sorry no pics.


12-06-2006 15:03:56

thought you were put on hold?


12-06-2006 17:02:45

Not hold.. he just put me in "reviewing accoutn" from "verfied".. I guess he was messing around with me? maybe a payback?

All I know is I got the 360.. and I just bought Madden 06, I'm loving it!


12-06-2006 19:04:48

We still have not made a decision about the status of his accounts on our network. He only received the Xbox 360 because we ship so fast and it was already ordered before this conduct occurred.