$250 TRAINN Flash ipods!!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=40919


09-06-2006 00:21:11

Thanks TRAINN!!

and of course thanks UCHalf for 5 referrals -)

So awesome!! I CAN FINALLY GET A PSP (no thanks to freepay (been waiting for approval since 3/20)



09-06-2006 01:09:30

Congrats. pics?


20-06-2006 19:16:44

Just got my 60 GB iPod, this is just incredible, thank you TRAINN for the iPod and thank you UCHalf for 6 referrals!! I can't even believe it, I'm holding it in my hand a $400 ipod for only 2 referrals that I personally had to get. WOW.

I'm a fully believer now. Can't wait for my LCD check!


20-06-2006 19:24:53

2 referrals.. what do you mean?


20-06-2006 19:27:40

well uchalf got me 6 referrals, the 60gb was 8, so I just had to get 2 referrals (two of my friends)

If you want to do uchalf do the DSLite site, it came out a few days ago, so it's still new and has a ton of traffic (uchalf.com/dslite)


20-06-2006 19:29:51

can u introduce me to uchalf? what is it? u do a ref for some one and then they do one for u?

and what dslite? link?


20-06-2006 19:51:07

One sec, I've actually been getting like 5 PMs a day about this, so I'll start a thread explaining it, I'll link to it from here once I'm done.


20-06-2006 19:55:14

k.. waitign pateintly.


20-06-2006 20:55:09


There you are -) Enjoy!