my brag thread - an update 5/26/07 $80 giveafree

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07-06-2006 21:45:16

$80 free from givafree promo
thanks givafree!

http/" alt=""/"503/9706/givafree2wu0.png[" alt=""/img17190773da]
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$80 free from givafree promo for my massive tetris score
[url==http//img="][img17190773da]http/" alt=""/"263/449/[" alt=""/img17190773da][=http//img="][img17190773da]http/" alt=""/"263/449/[" alt=""/img17190773da][/url]

$360 from nocc.ygf!
(use this to purchase new speakers and towards a new receiver)

#13 - more an update 5/6/07
more of an update.
got my ps3 60gb, wireless controller, remote, and motostorm at CC using the 10% back link AND the ultimate bundle discount AND freepay money (GCs) AND f4e1 below AND leftover trainn money below
here is a pic without motocross b/c it wasnt available for instore p/u
[img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"" alt=""/img01/8/5/6/f_ps3stuffm_eb46931.jpg[/img17190773da]
$100 from f4e1. thanks!
#11 3/13/07
freeeeepay finally paid $500 in ecert for my ps3. ordered circuit city gc's. gonna use 10% off online coupon and get the 60gb )
rainbow six vegas from trainn 360 games today, they shipped two days ago!
pix to follow
#9 10/16
accessory pack 3 from trainn today!
swapped the play and charge kit for 1600 xbox live points today at target w/o a receipt (per their policy u can do this twice per year per license)
[img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"507/9231" alt=""/img0424fb2.jpg[/img17190773da]

#8 9/30
$27 from prizebook, pix to come
thanks prizebook!

#7 9/26
psp value pack from freepay. no stickers which is strange. was shipped from pc mall
thanks freepay!
[url==http//][img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"144/4613" alt=""/img0409yx0.jpg[/img17190773da][=http//][img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"144/4613" alt=""/img0409yx0.jpg[/img17190773da][/url]
#6 9/23
thanks trainn!
500 smackers after 9 days of waiting for approval and 2 to ship to my paypal account!
[url==http//][img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"180/6307/trainndesktopproof2pz9.jpg[" alt=""/img17190773da][=http//][img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"180/6307/trainndesktopproof2pz9.jpg[" alt=""/img17190773da][/url]
got prey for the 360 today. it rocks. thanks collegestuff4nothin! picture to follow

#4 7/31
Got $350 from rewarbull! Thanks rewardbull!
[img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"280/6302/rewardbullfinalje1.jpg[" alt=""/img17190773da]

#3 7/24
got the fendi handbag from freeproject. can't wait to see my wife's face!
[img="17190773da]http/" alt=""/"377/4074" alt=""/img0302ob4.jpg[/img17190773da]
#2 6/20
just got the paypal from - paid for the camera below and the 2gb sd card i got for it. )
[url==http//img="][img17190773da]http/" alt=""/"526/4483/[" alt=""/img17190773da][=http//img="][img17190773da]http/" alt=""/"526/4483/[" alt=""/img17190773da][/url]
so, after our 4 yr old cybershop died a few months ago my wife and i decided we wanted a new camera for our anniversary as a gift to ourselves. saw the excellent deal on for the canon a700 which i felt was a good mix between the larger camera with optical zoom i wanted and the wallet sized one she wanted.
after the $35 concession coupon i got from the order, and the $75 concession coupon i used on the order it ended up being $140. still waiting on the freebie site money but...can't complain.
now to play with it tomorrow if i sleep at work 2nite )
it came as i stepped out. the sweet thing was i got free overnight and it was supposed to ship 6/20 and i got it already )

my freeipod from freepay. gotta find a pic )


07-06-2006 22:08:44

nice one. how many megapixels?


08-06-2006 09:23:42

let me go get it...6mp. playing around with it now. i need to nap though


20-06-2006 18:43:58

#2 6/20
just got the paypal from - paid for the camera below and the 2gb sd card i got for it. )
will grab a screen shot when i get home tomorrow )


20-06-2006 18:52:20

At least you got something from 100% off...


20-06-2006 19:59:01

[quotebba2a2230f="supersponger1979"]At least you got something from 100% off...[/quotebba2a2230f]
yep i agree )


24-07-2006 15:18:34

freeproject sent my my wife's fendi handbag. i will post pix later after she opens it )


31-07-2006 11:11:56

got rewardbull cash today!


31-07-2006 12:19:30

Grats ! Nice hand bag to.


31-07-2006 14:09:06

thanks. my wife LOVES it.


05-08-2006 12:05:05

got prey for the 360 today. it rocks. thanks collegestuff4nothin! picture to follow


11-08-2006 10:25:54

[quote06d9171e8c="supersponger1979"]At least you got something from 100% off...[/quote06d9171e8c]

also agreed cry i never got my 120


23-09-2006 05:57:54

rhanks trainn, 500 smackers!


26-09-2006 12:25:29

psp from freepay and pc mall today
thanks freepay


30-09-2006 15:21:01

$27 from prizebook 9/30


16-10-2006 12:21:06

trainn 360 games = accessory pack 3 today - yay, now to take back the plug and charge and play kit or whatever it is called


16-10-2006 13:00:12

congrats )


14-03-2007 15:37:14

$500 from freepay ps3 today!


14-03-2007 17:02:25

I was wondering why such an old thread was bumped ... now I know. Great job with being paid by Freepay! How long did it finally take?


14-03-2007 21:06:07

Nice! )


03-04-2007 19:30:36

$100 from f4e1!


06-05-2007 19:38:57

bought my ps3 _+ stuff with various earned cash today!

06-05-2007 20:34:24

wow im pretty jealous of you man


07-05-2007 09:04:16

i want chrome trim on my ps3


17-05-2007 22:18:55

Awesome job! This business is great!


19-05-2007 19:07:22

$360 mysimon gc from ygf
$80 from promo for giveafree!


19-05-2007 21:52:23

Very nice man, very nice for sure.

Keep it up ;)


26-05-2007 20:44:28

$80 free from givafree for promo today


26-05-2007 20:47:21


Back together.