The best gift ever!!!!

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07-06-2006 04:45:05

430AM, and I'm still up studying for my finals...... I took a break to get some water and check my emails (though I wasn't expecting any new email)...... But, suprisingly I got an email from Trainn!!! I got $400 paypal for the dvdrecorders4free site!!! It took about 10 working days for approval but only 2 days for the payment!!! Amazing!!!!

I'm so tired and sleepy, but I just have to brag ) How would you feel to get $400 right before your final? )

I'll post pic later, too busy to print screen and photoshop out the personal info for now )

Good luck to those taking their finals.


07-06-2006 05:13:01

It's alright, we believe you... ;)


07-06-2006 09:15:55

i think i had something to do with that, where is my commision ;)
glad u could get it! just waiting for my last few refs for the sites u did for me
go spend that moneY!


07-06-2006 09:23:46



07-06-2006 11:32:42


The best gift ever is a surprise blowjob first thing in the morning...this is merely a close second...