$50 Giftcard From FreeGasOnUs

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06-06-2006 17:25:50

Just got an email saying it was shipped, I only signed up for the site last Tuesday (5/30), now it shipped (6/6) via first class, might arrive Tuesday, (6/13) which is about 2 weeks. Not bad for DIY, right?

Sweet. I'll post pics when it gets here.


06-06-2006 17:40:54

congrats, i still have to get my voucher notarized, lol


06-06-2006 18:13:22

same here.. tryign to find a place i can get it done for free )


06-06-2006 20:26:14

I went down to my bank and told the nice lady at the desk I needed some shit notarized.......

She pulled some lady right out of the middle of a meeting, and it didn't take more then 2 1/2 minutes. All free. Just remember to bring your ID ;)


07-06-2006 11:11:47

People have gotten the small $50.00 niutech card without it being notarized ... just fyi


07-06-2006 11:17:36

My bank did it for free also...well actually, a bank near my place. I don't even use them. Lol, they suck. But got it notorized for free.

I got the email that is was shipped a few days ago..said they sent it regular mail and I should get it in 2-3weeks.

I am waiting on the a GC from FreeGasOnUs(what I said above was regarding that one)

Congrats on your though. Pics? Cause no-one knows what a Visa GC looks like, lol...pictures just add something to any post.


10-06-2006 10:43:05

has anyone that got the gift card from freegasonus had trouble finiding the pin. I am 99.9% sure I gave them my real phone number but apparently the last 4 digits arent my pin and i cant find it. I really need gas in my car and would like to use this gift card, anyone know if they use a certain number for the pin?


10-06-2006 10:49:32

they are actual gas cards i believe...like you use at a mobile store or mobile gas station....use as credit? Thats how my "theuseful" gc was


10-06-2006 12:13:45

mine is an igiftcard visa.


10-06-2006 12:30:34

what is notarization?


10-06-2006 13:32:37

[quoteee1495e585="amir89630"]what is notarization?[/quoteee1495e585]

Its having someone sign/stamp your item, usually some documentation, stating they have seen proof(ID) that you are who you say you are.

Anyone know if its a Visa, could I deposit it into my paypal account?