Back from my 5 Month poker break, up $1200 in 2 days :D

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06-06-2006 14:15:42

Decided i'd brag a little. I decied to play poker again, after a 5 month break, just because I didn't feel like playing anytime durring that 5 months. My first night I made like 350, then lost a few tournies durring the day, and then last night I probably played the best tourny of my life. "Midnight Oil" 20+2 on Pokerroom. 173 players. I ended up winning after like 4 and a half hours, it paid just over $900. The thing that was the best part of this tournament is one of my best friends from town was in the same tourny and got 3rd. We were probably 2 of the youngest players in the tourny, both being 18, and we worked through 173 people and ended up 1 and 3... pretty sweet acomplishment. Only thing wrong was I gave my friend the blow that pretty much knocked him out of the tourny...
Anyone play poker?

Post your username and what games you play! Bill Filmaf tjwor pokerstud17 tjwor

I play stictly tournaments for now.. Multi-Table...

I play a few other's but don't know my usermane off the top of my head...

Good luck at the tables, hope to see ya!


06-06-2006 14:27:15

I'm horrible at online poker! I lost my $50 initial deposit so fast but then again I did go all in with $30. ( We both had a pair of aces but he had a K and I had a Q. By the way, how do you win so much?!


06-06-2006 14:54:59

yea, a kicker is a big problem...

I've played poker for about 10 years, only seriouslly for 3, i've read lots of books and such...

Poker is a game that within hours of playing players may think they are good because they understand the rules of the game, but poker is much more than a few hours of practice... i think I have read 6 books and have probably played 1000 hours or so...

I think i'm up about 8K in my life... My biggest tourny win was 2400, well, it was a 3rd place finish, but my biggest payout... Hopefully i can continue to do this and pay for college with poker winnings...


06-06-2006 15:33:17

A friend of mine, perhaps you've heard of him (irishcurve) let me play on his account about a month ago. I won $5,200 playing on Ultimate Bet's $5-$10 NL game. He took the money and lost it, and then to my surprise last Wednesday he gave me $3,200 of it to do whatever I want with. I was tempted to cash it out, but I played. I won $1,100, then lost $1,800, putting me down to $2,500. I cashed it out, but the cashout failed, so I decided I'd play some more. I won $2,500 in [b4fcc9b3c6d]one[/b4fcc9b3c6d] day, and then cashed out $5,000 even.

I made the $2,500 playing $4-$4 and $6-$6. However, I did dominate a $10-$10 table to make the inital $1,100.

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Then you have the crazy bastard Irishcurve who just dominates (someone told me he's cashed out over $1,000,000 in 5 1/2 months)

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06-06-2006 15:40:57

I stick to party poker myself

.25/.5 NL and .5/1 NL 6-9 tables at a time or SNGs $22-$55 buy ins

I deposited $200 back in Jan. I have yet to bust, and average around $200-$500 per week.

Playing daily for about 2-6 hrs per day

Hopefully i can continue to do this and pay for college with poker winnings...[/quoted81e8747ce]

you can


06-06-2006 16:47:02

use to play alot but i stopped... just wasn't interested anymore

when i played, i took $0 and turned it into about $900 (i got my initial deposit from a free casino playthrough bonus of $50)


06-06-2006 17:38:30

pokerroom (play here most) danza92
partypoker aes321
pacificpoker danza92
bodog poker tonydanza92
absolutepoker aes321

i have had accounts at others but only have cash on these 5 right now, and havent played on any but pokerroom and absolute in awhile

if you ever wanna play pokerroom and collude roll lemme know aim or pm me, tho at a multi table game ending up together would take awhile most likely

i usually play the NL hold em turbo or regular multi table tournies

speaking of.. im going to play D