$311 from BingoRoom.com

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02-06-2006 11:47:47

Usually I am not into gambling sites considering most of the times you have like 201 odds. Anywho YourGiftsFree convinced me to do an OOD and I signed up for BingoRoom with just the intentions of depositing the required $50. After I did that I decided hat it wouldnt make a difference if I played or not. They required a $1,500 bet limit before I could withdraw. I started with 3 lines of $0.50 and built up to 9 lines of $1. Anywho , to make a long story short, I ended up withdrawing $311 which is pretty good considerig it was supposedly an OOD.


02-06-2006 11:57:39

Congrats! Anyone who wants to do what he did pm me! )


02-06-2006 13:57:53

yeah doing some bingo rooms can result in a +EV. For the most part it's a crap shoot though.