Ibook from gadget city

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01-06-2006 10:27:13

I received my ibook from gadget city today but I called the apple store and i also called the apple website and neither of them say I can in any way exchange for credit so I can get a macbook pro.... I really dont wanna sell on ebay cuz of the fees, any advise would be helpful. I also have another unopened ibook from nuitech I am hoping to exchange for credit at the same time.


01-06-2006 13:15:37

Congrats. My Powerbook from Bigwin should be coming any week now.


01-06-2006 13:23:08



01-06-2006 16:45:58

Im in the exact same situation. I think im gonna try the classifieds then move onto ebay as a last resort.


01-06-2006 17:50:47


Congrats!!! I got my ibook last week and I brought it to my local apple store to upgrade to the macbook 1.83ghz. It was a seamless transaction. The cashiers, receptionists and managers were all very nice.

When I came to the store, I asked if I can upgrade my sealed ibook to a white macbook.
They asked if I have a receipt.
I told them it was a gift so I don't have a receipt.
They said o.k. Please wait.
3 minutes later they brought out 2 macbooks and asked me which one I want.
I chose the 1.83ghz one.
5 minutes later I walked out of the store with my macbook. )

I only had to pay about $110 to upgrade to the macbook. I didn't want to upgrade to the 2.0ghz cuz i'd have to pay $200 something more.

Anyway, anyone need help with this process? )