It's hot in hur but $2K in Ice Cold Cash should cool me off!

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Captain All That

30-05-2006 14:35:22

Yeah... I came home and had a present in the mail... A bill from because they said I didn't cancel before my trial ended... and $2000. I might just pay that damn Stamps bill and let them know that Paypals Service is just as good and it's fuggin free! Crackheads.



EDIT The Check came from CSC and it's HOTTTTTTTTT despite the cold hard cash of it all... it's cool that they made it out to a pimp too...

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Fear my Photoshopping skillz!


30-05-2006 14:37:48

2gs from who?


30-05-2006 14:39:17 lol


30-05-2006 14:41:27

I'm guessing CSC. My 42" Plasma from them came in today as well. ) The freight company will deliver tomorrow after 4pm.

Congrats on the $2K!


30-05-2006 14:43:22

Why are some getting checks and others TVs?


30-05-2006 14:47:12

[quote2e6543a2d5="bballp6699"]Why are some getting checks and others TVs?[/quote2e6543a2d5]
Trish said those who ordered the Philips LCD are getting checks, while those who ordered the Panasonic Plasma are getting TV's.

The bummer with that is the TV's they're shipping are only EDTV -- their purchasing agent most likely just ordered the cheapest 42" Panasonic Plasma they could find without knowing any better. The TV is only worth $1200-$1500, while the LCD folks are getting $2000 checks. At this point, I'm not complaining, however...