Hooray for me, flatscreens.freepay!

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30-05-2006 09:55:29

I know i've not recieved anything yet, but I just completed all my requirements today, which is the last day to have completed them! I will post pics of my monitor once it comes. I'm soo happy!

http/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v600/mn949285/yay.jpg[/imga9eba3eced]


30-05-2006 10:14:55

Congrats. D

Mine's coming soon too. I'm' processing for it. Hopefully they'll approve you faster than they approved me.


30-05-2006 10:49:37

Jake confirmed they received my flatscreens form on 5/8. I'm still awaiting approval, and if I have anybody go red, I guess I'm sunk unless they give us an extended grace period to find other ref(s). (

Captain All That

30-05-2006 11:46:48

Mmmph... I didn't think Freepay was still in business.

Good luck with that...



30-05-2006 13:30:37

congrats!!! I had 5 greens on there... too bad they go to waste now since my 90 days ended today cry

o well, hope you enjoy all those 19 inches wink