$1,900 Check from I-Deal Direct / PocketPC4Free!

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27-05-2006 11:41:39


I-Deal is definetely legit. I was considering doing the CSC Plasma, but then later backed out because wwaayy to many people were doing this site, and I didn't think the site would sustain itself. So I did some research and found pocketpc4free (www.pocketpc4free), another I-Deal site owned by eSolutions Media. So I posted a message on the DIY forum, got my 1 ref (thanks fipg!!!), and 7 weeks 6 days later (just barely under the 8 week mark P) I got a check for $1,900.

Site http//www.pocketpc4free.com
I had to do 8 offer completions and refer one person.

-It's now not worth doing though, since they raised it to 10 offer completions and 5 referrals.

But i'm glad I got into this while I could ).

Here's some pics (I couldn't find my digial camera so I just used my video camera.. so the quality sucks, but you can still read it fine for the most part).

http/" alt=""/img103.imageshack.us/img="103/2191/checkleft7np.jpg[" alt=""/imgef17e27b72]

[img="ef17e27b72]http/" alt=""/img103.imageshack.us/img="103/8590/checkright5mx.jpg[" alt=""/imgef17e27b72]

[img="ef17e27b72]http/" alt=""/img130.imageshack.us/img="130/1715/checkfull3gv.jpg[" alt=""/imgef17e27b72]

[img="ef17e27b72]http/" alt=""/img103.imageshack.us/img="103/494/letter8du.jpg[" alt=""/imgef17e27b72]

As for what i'm going to do with the money.. i'm thinking about buying a laptop (or maybe an Xbox 360 since i'm still waiting on freepay), not completely sure yet.


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27-05-2006 12:04:38

now its changed to 10 offers and 5 refs... ?


27-05-2006 13:29:44

wow...an i-deal success story. never thought i'd see the day.

but congrats!


27-05-2006 14:57:19

ya a bunch or people have gotten checks from i-deal. All big ones too!

Glad to know they're shipping. they usually ship checks in batchs, which means mine should come soon. yay!


27-05-2006 15:02:43


Since everyone's checks are coming from I-Deal in Chicago, they must be receiving some kind of information from the DBAs so they can cut the check.

Maybe that's a good sign for those of us with YCR accounts.



27-05-2006 15:08:42

"Legit" is more like it.



27-05-2006 15:38:38

Whoa thas alot of $$


27-05-2006 16:50:49

I think they just when into a sort of panic with all the CSC plasma completions. 8 offer completions for a $2,000 plasma TV? (Which would mean they received around $400 MAX). And A LOT of people were finishing too. They have different sub-companies though, and I went with this one and it worked out great.


27-05-2006 17:37:54


But wow, that I-Deal office is just 10mins from where I live.......

Seems lot of sites are in Illinois.


27-05-2006 20:18:02

Woot, got mine too, was about to post, but hell, figured I'd add on here. Congrats fellow completed compadres.


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29-05-2006 17:22:33

Congrats! I would really like to get an OQO. Or it's monetary equivalent I suppose, but this purse PC looks awesome. If anyone sees a reasonable DIY site, please let me know.