$1000 Giftcard From InternetOpinionGroup

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25-05-2006 11:34:41

Checked my mailbox this afternoon and found a shiny $1000 giftcard which I got over at InternetOpinionGroup (6 offers, no OOD). I started the site on or around January 21st and just got it today. I spent roughly $45 in offers so that makes a return of

[(Return - Investment)/Investment] li 100 =
[(1000 - 45)/45] li 100 = 2122%

2122% in only four short months (or an APR of roughly 6366%)!
The freebie scene is really just an investment vehicle for me. Isn't math fun? )

Here's the pic
[imge8f36ac5c1]http/" alt=""/img113.imageshack.us/img="113/2192/ioggc9lp.th.jpg[" alt=""/imge8f36ac5c1][=http//img="113.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ioggc9lp.jpg][imge8f36ac5c1]http/" alt=""/img113.imageshack.us/img="113/2192/ioggc9lp.th.jpg[" alt=""/imge8f36ac5c1]


25-05-2006 11:43:59

YAY! What are you going to buy?


25-05-2006 11:52:06

Well, technically I already bought something with money I borrowed from my family.
Therefore, I'm happy to be released from the burden of debt. I'm sure they'll be happy to have their money back as well. )


25-05-2006 11:53:58

Debt is fun!


25-05-2006 13:08:11

Cool deal, rob.

Debt is fun till the grace period ends.


25-05-2006 20:00:43

Makes me wish I had done that earlier... I was doing the IOG $1K gift card as well towards the end of Feb... then, when I was 1/2 way done, they decided it it would be funny if they made page 3 all credit cards =_=


26-05-2006 23:55:23

gift cards are sooo much fun


27-05-2006 01:06:46

congrats! is that diy or referral?


27-05-2006 01:28:08

Damn! Great investment there. Like plusnightlife, I'm curious if that site is DIY, referral, or both.
Congrats though!


27-05-2006 09:51:43

IOG is DIY only.


27-05-2006 10:42:58

hmm, what are the offers like?

btw, u guys would freak if u knew how much debt my wife and i are in combined (


27-05-2006 11:23:59

They changed requirements around so I would recommend not doing this unless you need a few credit cards, which by your last post, sounds just like what you don't need right now.


27-05-2006 13:32:44

Would you be so kind as to paste the offers on each page and how many are required? That is, if you have access to the "updated" offers.


27-05-2006 14:55:36

congratz! i should be getting mine in the mail in anothe week or two. i'll be sure to make a brag bag too wink


27-05-2006 15:01:03


I'm still at least another month from mine.

One interesting item from the information sheet the crad was attached to

"Please note, your Ecount card does not have ATM access"