iPod 30gb (White) from OfferCentric

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24-05-2006 12:23:00

Got my iPod Video from Offer Centric yesterday.

Basic timeline
Signed up 10/2004 (don't remember the exact day)
Got my last green 03/20/2006
Approved 03/28/2006
Received iPod 05/23/2006

http//www.chillywilly.org/images/ipod30gb-offercentric.jpg[" alt=""/imgb70684d1d4]


24-05-2006 12:26:48

Good to see they are still giving stuff out. Congrats!


24-05-2006 13:30:34

took along time.....but it is good to see OC sending out gifts


24-05-2006 13:59:44

Yeah, it was longer than expected, but it's nice to have that site done.


25-05-2006 00:38:46

hey congrats!! how much did it cost you to get this ipod? Did you have to pay arms and legs for the ood refs?


25-05-2006 00:44:58

Do i see a macbook pro next to the ipod? P


25-05-2006 06:47:17

I think overall, it cost me about $85 in offers (including the last OOD I paid someone to do). Between that and the time I spent finding refs, it was still worth it.

Yep... that's a MacBook Pro next to the iPod. Didn't do freebie on that one... tax refund paid for that.


25-05-2006 09:27:37