$210.86 paid!! Thanks OrderCaSh!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=39596


19-05-2006 15:16:52

http//geocities.com/somethinggarlic/order4free.jpg[" alt=""/img0d9e3c508d]

This is officially my biggest freebie. I was gonna buy a PSP, but the free project replied to an email of mine (3 months later, but whatever) saying that things are gonna get back to normal soon. I dont know what to buy now.


19-05-2006 15:37:55

Yep, just got a paypal payment from them today too. People been sayin they were paying out slow but it was about a week! Good stuff


20-05-2006 23:20:22

Why us duh responding to every brag post?


20-05-2006 23:38:16

[quote7002b6331b="somethinggarlic"]Why us duh responding to every brag post?[/quote7002b6331b]
inflate his post count basically