SWEET! 30GB iPod from GiftFiesta!

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19-05-2006 13:00:19


I got my iPod today from GiftFiesta, it's pretty awesome because I started the Freebie scene specifically to get an iPod and I finally got one today, it's only 30GB but I'll be getting the 60GB version soon...

What do you guys think, should I sell it? I'll probably get $250+ but I really want an iPod, and I'm still a little iffy on when Freepay will pull through so I might use this one till that one gets here....But if I do use it, how much do you think my selling price will drop...would it be significant?


19-05-2006 13:13:40

Congrats, giftfiesta is one of my favorites


19-05-2006 15:28:56

Congrats! What was your timeline? I'll probably try it out if it's quick enough.


19-05-2006 15:53:30

-Submitted for approval on 4/20/06
-Gift Shipped on 5/16/06
-Received on 5/19/06

It took a while but it was a lot faster than Freepay P ....