Freepay came through!

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18-05-2006 14:05:39

I finally got my 300$ giftcard from! woooo woot!

Sent in approval form on 3/12
Approved 4/19
Finally received today 5/18

Since no brag bag is complete without pics... here u go VVVV

http//[" alt=""/imga25fba41b6]

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet. But I'm probably going to be building a computer with this 300, +600 nuitech (coming soon), and I hope atleast $1000 from I-deal. yay


18-05-2006 15:00:23

grats, but you do know its the 18th?


18-05-2006 15:06:30

[quote4a1988622a="Crynos"]grats, but you do know its the 18th?[/quote4a1988622a]
hmmm... touche, I'll update that


18-05-2006 16:34:47

NICE! Once I get my giftcard from freepay + finish 3604free I'll have $1,300 in giftcards at BestBuy...


18-05-2006 16:46:42

[quote12425ba05c="Wolfeman"]NICE! Once I get my giftcard from freepay + finish 3604free I'll have $1,300 in giftcards at BestBuy...[/quote12425ba05c]
omg.....I still don't know what to do with $250 is giftcards to BB I have...


18-05-2006 16:49:30

Actually I forgot the Trainn one is 400 so its $1,400. I'm going to buy a receiver, speakers, CD, and possibly upscaling DVD. All cables will be bought at Monoprice...


19-05-2006 01:05:04

wow!!!!!! my gosh peeps... you guys are so fast at finishing up the sites.... Congrats btw!!!


22-05-2006 23:30:17

i freakin hate giftcards... unless it's a visa... but seriously, what CAN'T you get on ebay for like 30% off that you CAN get over at bestbuy?!? come on pple!


27-05-2006 22:21:37



28-05-2006 15:05:25

yeah...when i get my giftcards from freepay i'll have fleepin idea on what to spend them on though....


29-05-2006 12:57:35

giftcards = shit


29-05-2006 12:59:31

I love Best Buy gift cards because I will always use them.