Another A+ for Ordercash4free

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04-05-2006 23:49:59

Thanks a TON kerms!!
I am now 1/4 of the way to Bonnaroo!!
I'm surprising my bf with tickets for our one year anniversary, I can't wait!!
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05-05-2006 02:42:56

I love order4free network!!!! Congrats!!!!!


05-05-2006 05:33:34

lol congrats but the roo is so played out, especially this year

I just got paid $80 more by ordercash. I love that site, I've pulled in well over $300 I think since he started it (just in referrals)

I went to the first in 02 and then the 2nd and it has steadily gone downhill since. Although Radiohead is enticing, if I don't score tickets this weekend for Radiohead in philly I might have to head down to the ol' roo again to catch em.


07-05-2006 16:20:45

when u get money sent to your paypal...doesn't paypal take a NICE amount from you? like out of $400, they might take say, $15 bucks?


07-05-2006 16:52:10

[quotec51416463a="illnovah"]when u get money sent to your paypal...doesn't paypal take a NICE amount from you? like out of $400, they might take say, $15 bucks?[/quotec51416463a]

Yes, but sometimes when big companies or freebie incentive sites send out a ton of paypal monies....they "bite the bullet" for the fees and you get the full amount. Fusioncash I know for sure does that, along with TheFreeProject, and by the looks of it OrderCash4Free too. But otherwise, PayPal takes like 3.6% + 33 cents on any transaction... (if someone sends you 50 cents you'll only net like 20 cents off it ?). However, that's only if you have a Premier Account.


07-05-2006 17:38:07

But, if you have a free account, you can only receive $500/month. I think.


07-05-2006 17:55:50

i still haven't got credit on that site for a Tickle offer i did, but, congrats on your reward


07-05-2006 19:22:10

sites a scam,like fgr_admin said


07-05-2006 22:16:05

[quotee8ce8aeb47="MakeDamnSureTBS"]sites a scam,like fgr_admin said[/quotee8ce8aeb47]

You have not even been around for a month and you are calling sites a scam?



08-05-2006 09:23:34

I requested for approval for my PayPal amount a few days ago and now waiting. Hopefully, I'll be approved soon!

Anyways, congrats !!!