OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!! order4free network is amazing!!!!

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04-05-2006 16:33:07

I don't really brag for the freebie I received cuz I thought I worked for it... so it's just like a paycheck after hours and hours of convincing my friends to sign up. ) But.... I have to brag about this.... Order4free network ISSSSSSSSSSSS amazingly fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I submitted for approval on Tues night and I reveived my paypal TODAY!!!

I opened a support ticket with my personal paypal email address and asked if I can have it sent there so I don't have to pay for the transaction fee and they DID help me!!!!!! I got $240 FULL!!!! ) I'm just so happy!!!!! Sorry for the run on sentence... I just can't describe this feelings..........

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04-05-2006 16:36:15

Pics? LOL! Congrats!


04-05-2006 17:06:04

Congrats! D

I've been waiting since the 24th so hopefully I'll get mine soon.


04-05-2006 17:41:02

Sweet, definite Congrats on the no fee prize....

I wish that Nuitech would ship faster though cry


04-05-2006 18:19:37



04-05-2006 18:40:34


woo tbs


04-05-2006 18:51:44

how you get the full money without the fee just curious ?

I am officialy an addict now on fipg )


04-05-2006 18:56:07

Hi, I get the full amount by opening a support ticket and provided 2 email addresses, a personal one and a premier one. I asked them to send it to my personal email so I can avoid the fee. But if it's not possible, then they can send it to my premier paypal account. They actually read it and did me the favor )


04-05-2006 18:56:37

BTW, thanks all for crongratulating me ) yey!


04-05-2006 18:57:38

hold up i got a personal account i get charge like 11 dollars on my transaction from trainn for the money do you have to be verified in order not to get charge fees?


04-05-2006 19:06:25

I don't think you have a personal account because trainn only send payments through credit card. If you can accept trainn payment, then your account can accept credit card, then you have a premier/business account. I have 2 accounts, 1 personal used for trading and 1 premier/business used for ebay and trainn payment )

Each person can have up to 2 paypal accounts, 1 personal and 1 business/premier account. I think you should create a new account, and DON'T upgrade it.


04-05-2006 19:17:28

Is there no way to accept Trainn payment without getting charged?


04-05-2006 19:20:26

no.... i don't think so... I gave them my personal paypal account before, and I have to upgrade to receive their payment.


05-05-2006 00:32:27


i've only tried one of their network... the ordermore4free... and then one of my ref went on hold. i think its a mistake though. (


05-05-2006 00:54:32

[quote05040acdb6="Kkowg"]Is there no way to accept Trainn payment without getting charged?[/quote05040acdb6]

i recieved $250(FFS), $300(YFVI), $375(ps34free) and i did not have any charges at all. D D its a personal account btw.

Also what is the benifit of a referral for since its a offer for cash site.


05-05-2006 01:03:27

i get charge now every time someone sends me money... like to buy dress, etc. i didn't use to. what i did new recently was put in my bank account and take out my credit card. i also got it verified. so... does this now mean its not a "personal" account anymore? hence, i'm being charged?? sorry for the dumb question. also, how do i change it so i won't get a fee?

so... from what i understand above, i guess i now have what would be called an "upgraded"/"business" account? (not sure someone tell me how i would know this) and, I guess what I need to know is how do I get a second account that won't charge fees? Do i sign up all over again like a seperate person and do i put in my cc and not my bank info this time??


05-05-2006 03:02:06

Supacold, you never have to upgrade your account in order to receive trainn paypal payment??? That's weird, I had to, I tried twice, once with flashipod and once with ps34free.......

Shopaholic, you can check to see if you have personal or business/premier account by log in. The first thing you'll see is something like this
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[img="f766e0b455]http//[" alt=""/imgf766e0b455]

If you have a personal account, you can only receive paypal balance transfer and bank payment. You can not receive credit card payments. If there's a credit card payment coming in, then it'll ask you to upgrade your account so you can receive that payment. You can reject the payment and ask the sender to send it again using bank payment or balance transfer. You don't have to pay any fees for receiving payment on the personal account.

On the other hand, if you have a business/premier account, you can receive all types of payment, but they'll charge you transaction fees.

According to paypal, you can have up to 2 accounts, 1 personal and 1 business/premier.



05-05-2006 20:11:52

hey! thanks for the grat info. is there a way to change my premier account into a personal account?? in other words... is there a way to "downgrade" it? or how do i open a personal account? do i do it from the account i have or do i re-register as if a new person? i tried to look through their help for this answer but havent found one.


05-05-2006 20:28:35

You can downgrade once, it's buried in the help somewhere. It'd probably be easier to just open a new account, since you'll be needing a premier account at some point.


05-05-2006 21:49:46

I tired to open a personal account but it says my information already exist. I used a diff email but it says this email existed somewhere.. not sure where. i definitely dont want to use my freebie email and i don't feel like making another one.

anyways, i also found in their help section that it says if you have a personal and premier one, you are not allow to ask people to pay you through your personal account!! they said this is against the terms!


06-05-2006 01:08:23

shopaholic, I think you can call paypal rep and ask for help. They're VERY helpful. They'll try to work out everything for you. They'll let you know if you have 2 accounts.

) I think it's against the terms if you tell them "hey, send payment to my personal account".... However, I don't think it's agasint the term if you simply give the buyer your paypal email address. If they pay you through credit card, then you can upgrade or just reject their payment..... right?????